9 Effective Ways To Use Artificial Grass

9 Effective Ways To Use Artificial Grass

Wondering what else you can do with artificial grass apart from installing it on your lawn? In this article, we will share with you the 9 Effective Ways To Use Artificial Grass.

  • Vertical Wall Garden Design

Vertical Wall Garden Design

Vertical wall garden design started in the Mediterranean area way back 3000 BCE and until these days, this garden style is still widely used in homes and business settings like hotels, motels, pubs, restaurants, gyms, sports centres, and other commercial structures.

In 1980, French botanist Patrick Blanc made a significant transformation on vertical garden design, making it very popular all over the world. 

One of the major reasons why the vertical garden is widely used on commercial structures is its ability to reduce carbon footprint. Artificial grass filters pollutants and carbon dioxide in the air on commercial premises, which help improve the air quality.

Vertical wall garden also offers many great benefits such as:

  1. Helps insulate the building
  2. Enhances the beauty of interiors
  3. Adds value to any premise
  4. Saves space
  5. Easy to clean and maintain
  6. Suitable for any type of architecture
  7. Adds a layer of privacy and protection
  8. Safe for everyone
  9. A good investment
  • Best for Pavers

Best for Pavers

Adding artificial grass to pavers, paths or steps is another wonderful way to enhance the look, feel and value of your outdoor space. Artificial grass is excellent for filling the gaps on pavers and covering cracks on concrete. 

Designed with longevity and durability in mind, artificial grass will make your pavers look stunning for many years to come!

Home and business owners alike, landscapers, builders, renovators, designers, and property managers opt to use artificial turf to spice up the beauty of pavers, paths, and driveways. 

If you’re looking to enhance your pavers, pathways, or driveways without breaking your wallet, give artificial grass a try!

  • Play Surfaces for Children

Play Surfaces for Children

Designed with durability and softness in mind, artificial grass is the best surface for play areas. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and even heavy foot traffic when kids play around – all day long!

With artificial turf, children can have an attractive, beautiful, clean and plushy playground all year round – regardless of the weather.

If you own a playground or play area in Brisbane and are looking to install artificial grass, it’s best to choose shorter pile artificial grass as grasses with long piles will turn flat over time. 

  • Ideal for Wall Coverings

Ideal for Wall Coverings

Over time home or commercial interiors fade due to wear and tear – especially if you live near the coast. If you’re looking to transform your faded wall, or interiors without having to spend money on repaint or wallpapering, artificial grass wall coverings are a great idea for you to try.

Wallcoverings are suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Motels, hotels, pubs, bars and restaurants, hospitals, flats, gyms, sports centres, and government offices are now using artificial grass as wall covers. Not only that it’s pleasing to the eye, but also inexpensive, cost-effective and low maintenance. 

If you find your wall uninspiring, you can use artificial grass to create a feature wall. It’s the most cost-effective way to bring a calming ambience to your room without spending a fortune.

  • Best for Landscaping

Best for Landscaping

Designed with flexibility, durability and aesthetics in mind, artificial grass can be used as feature designs for landscaping projects. It’s best for high-traffic sections in the garden, slope areas, walkways, pathways, driveways, vertical gardens, balcony, pool surrounds backyard and front yard. 

When it comes to artificial turf, your options for designs are limitless. Guaranteed to last for many years, you can never go wrong choosing artificial or synthetic grass for your next landscaping design. 

  • Carpet


Got a concrete floor that looks unsightly and looking for an option to bring more life to it without spending a fortune on tiling or an expensive new carpet? Try artificial grass! 

Artificial grass can be used as a carpet on any concrete surface. Unlike carpets, it doesn’t store up dust and debris. It can be cleaned up easily, quickly and effortlessly.

Many gyms & fitness centres have opted to install indoor artificial grass to enhance the look, feel and appearance of their facilities. Unlike concrete, artificial turf is soft, plushy, and can retain its volumes and textures for many years to come. With artificial grass, you can forget about grinding and polishing! 

  • Putting Green

Putting Green

Do you want to maximise your backyard by adding a putting green? You can quickly turn your dull yard into a stunning mini golf space with artificial grass! 

Regardless of your backyard’s size and condition, you can have it fully landscaped with plushy, soft and durable artificial grass! 

In the past, having a mini-golf course in your backyard was only a dream but with the advancement of technology,  your dream golf course can be made come true using artificial turf by your local supplier. 

  • Pool Surrounds

Pool Surrounds

Looking to have a beautiful pool surrounded by greenery that doesn’t turn yellow or brown even during summer? Spice up your pool surrounds with artificial grass from Astro Klean!

With its vibrant and plushy appearance, artificial grass will add more beauty and value to your pool area. 

Designed to withstand the harsh climate and heavy foot traffic – artificial turf will bring out the best of your pool scenery!

Another great reason why artificial grass is best for pool surround is that it’s not slippery when wet, unlike bricks or concrete. If you want a pool area that is safe – using fake turf is the way to go!

  • Other Creative Ways

Other Creative Ways

You can also use artificial grass as designs for slippers, couches, doormats, hammocks, sculptures, displays, furniture coverings, signage, and a lot more!

Regardless of your needs or requirements, when it comes to artificial grass your option is limitless. 

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