Synthetic Grass for Outdoor Entertaining Areas in Brisbane

We can quickly transform your outdoor entertaining areas with our eco, child and pet-friendly synthetic grass!

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Premium Quality Synthetic Turf Designed for Brisbane Home’s Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Synthetic Turf for Outdoor Entertaining Areas

You can now enhance the look of your outdoor entertaining areas with artificial turf that’s incredibly durable, 100% non-allergic, Eco, child and pet friendly.

Artificial turf has become increasingly popular and some of the most interesting spots where you can install them include terrace, balcony and patio or any other outdoor living area.

At Astro Klean, we supply, deliver and install synthetic turf for outdoor entertaining areas across Brisbane Northside, Southside and surrounds.

Benefits of Installing Synthetic Grass To Your Outdoor Entertaining Areas

You’ll save $$$ on maintenance
No need to build a base to hold your turf
Looks and feels great in summer and winter
Super easy to install and clean
Great option if you want to enhance your outdoor area quickly
Enhances your property’s value
Enhances the overall look of your property
If maintained properly, it can last up to 25 years
Comes with a 7+ year manufacturer warranty
Safe for the environment, kids, pets
Can withstand harsh climate
Environmentally friendly & 100% Non-Allergic
Looks realistic; you can hardly tell it’s artificial
Excellent investment
You’ll enjoy a beautiful rooftop terrace all year round
Plushy and soft to touch, you can’t tell its synthetic
Comes with 1-year installation warranty

  • So, are you looking to enhance your outdoor entertaining area?
  • Are you tired of watering your plants on your outdoor terrace?
  • Do you want to create a brand new garden on your balcony?

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We also offer artificial grass cleaning and repairs, artificial grass maintenance, artificial grass installations, fencing, retaining walls, privacy screens, and decking installations.

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The Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass

Minimal Maintenance
Water Conservation
Environmental Benefits
Lower CostArtificial grass requires just one upfront payment; after that, it’s got a lifespan of up to 25 years.
Minimal MaintenanceThis plus point is especially noteworthy when compared to its natural counterpart.
Conserves WaterSynthetic grass never requires any watering; serving as a stark contrast to natural grass, a big win for water.
Environmentally FriendlyArtificial grass truly helps the environment, as it requires no fertiliser or pesticides.
$$$$Synthetic grass allows you to save thousands of dollars on maintenance including, weeding, fertilising, mowing, and watering.
Long-lastingSynthetic grass can last up to 25 years if well maintained.
High CostNatural grass can be high cost, after purchasing the grass from a turf farm, you may require mowers, strimmers, fertilisers and pesticides for maintenance.
High MaintenanceNatural grass can take hours each week to maintain, keeping it trimmed to the desired length and ensuring it remains green.
Regular WateringNatural grass needs regular watering especially if you live in a particularly dry or arid environment.
Uses PesticidesNatural grass requires fertiliser or pesticide to maintain it’s continuous growth and green color.
$$Mowers, strimmers, fertiliser and pesticides can prove costly, you may also choose to employ a gardener to keep your lawn looking plush, adding to your costs.
ConditionalA well maintained natural lawn, with optimal time and investment will typically last up to 10 years.
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