Top 5 Astro Turf Maintenance Tips for a Beautiful and Long-Lasting Lawn

Top Astro Turf Maintenance Tips for a Beautiful and Long Lasting Lawn

Astro turf has become increasingly popular for its low maintenance, durability, and stunning appearance. However, even the most low-maintenance lawns require some upkeep to look their best. Even the highest quality astroturf can quickly become dull, discoloured, and even mouldy without proper care. If you want your lawn to look as beautiful and inviting as the day it was installed, follow a few simple maintenance tips.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top five astroturf maintenance tips that ensure your lawn looks fantastic and lasts for years.

Regular cleaning:

Astro turf is relatively low-maintenance compared to traditional grass but still needs regular cleaning. Dirt, debris, and pet hair can accumulate on the surface over time and affect the lawn’s appearance. To avoid this, schedule regular cleaning every 6-12 months or whenever necessary. You can easily use a plastic rake or a broom to remove debris, leaves, and dust. If there is any mildew or mould on the surface, removing them thoroughly using a bleach & water solution with a brush to prevent future growth is crucial.

Proper drainage:

One of astro turf’s main benefits is its excellent drainage. However, ensuring your lawn has proper drainage is essential to prevent pooling and flooding. Examine the initial site during installation and add drainage cells below the lawn that promote water run-off. Take regular soil checks and divert any stagnant water for flood prevention and long-term sustainability.

Limit high traffic areas:

Astro turf can withstand a lot of wear and tear, but it’s essential to minimise high-traffic areas to avoid compacted or damaged areas. If your lawn experiences heavy foot traffic, consider adding a walkway, path or stepping stones. This will help distribute foot traffic and reduce any damage to the surface of the lawn.

Brush the pile regularly:

Brush your lawn frequently – it improves the overall appearance and maintains the lawn’s original texture. Regular use of a soft brush will keep the fibres standing and the pile upright, preserving the lush appearance of your artificial lawn and preventing it from flattening out. Brushing regularly also helps reduce matting or tangling, keeping individual fibres looking newer for longer.

Schedule professional cleaning and maintenance:

Professional cleaning and maintenance services can keep your lawn fresh, green, and beautiful all year round. Enlist the help of an expert astro turf maintenance team. They can come in and assess your lawn, provide any repairs, replace drainage parts or provide a deep clean. They can also remove weeds on the edge and between joins and help keep your lawn in top condition, free of debris or mould.


Astro turf is an investment that can significantly improve your home or business’s aesthetic appeal and provides long-term, cost-effective benefits. Proper maintenance and cleaning can help preserve the beauty of your lawn for years to come. You can easily take care of your lawn by adopting the above mentioned tips, including regular cleaning or brushing, proper drainage, limiting high-traffic areas, and scheduling professional cleaning and maintenance services. Regular maintenance will ensure your artificial lawn looks as beautiful as the day it was installed.

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