Achieving the Perfect Lawn Design with Artificial Grass on the Sunshine Coast

Achieving the Perfect Lawn Design with Artificial Grass on the Sunshine Coast

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, you’re lucky because various artificial grass options are available for homeowners. Artificial grass has become famous for those seeking a low-maintenance lawn that remains green all year round.

This post will provide ideas for a beautiful, hassle-free lawn design.

Get Creative with Lawn Ornaments

Lawn ornaments are a fun way to excite your lawn design. Add festive decorations such as a life-size Santa Claus, an inflatable snowman, or a reindeer. Add a nativity scene, giant candy canes and bows, or colourful Christmas tree-shaped ornaments. With artificial grass, you can position the ornaments anywhere on your lawn without fear of brown patches or dead grass.

Use Light Features

Christmas is one of the few seasons where bright lights are an expectation, and the same goes for our lawns. Install beautiful light features that coordinate with the theme of your lawn. Pre-wired LED, fairy, and projector lights are easy to install without damaging your lawn. With artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about digging the grass, as you can install the lighting accessories without affecting the quality of your lawn.

Incorporate Lawn Pathways

Pathways are a classy way to create a well-defined visual appearance of your lawn. Artificial grass offers a wide array of design features, like creating pathways that lead guests to a particular area of your lawn. With a Christmas theme in mind, try using festive-looking rocks, gravel, or decayed logs to build a path that complements your lawn decorations. You can add different hues and shades of green on the sides of the pathways to make them more vibrant.

Create Your Snow-Filled Lawn

The average temperatures on the Sunshine Coast are between 21°C and 27°C during Christmas, which won’t provide a winter wonderland feeling. Fortunately, artificial grass can help create the same feel without waiting for the snow to come. Artificial snowflakes or even fake snow can be a great way to make your lawn look wintry. You can place it around your outdoor display or use tree flocking to mimic the snowy effect.

Low-Maintenance All Year Round

One significant benefit of using artificial grass as the base for your Christmas lawn design is its low yearly maintenance. Artificial grass stays beautifully green no matter the season without regular mowing, watering, and fertilising. Unlike natural grass, it is resistant to weeds, pests, and wear and tear from foot traffic, making it an ideal choice for every homeowner.


Creating a lush Christmas lawn design with the proper artificial grass supply has never been more straightforward. At Astro Klean, we offer the best artificial grass supply for homes on the Sunshine Coast, designed to last long and remain green all year round. Our team of experts provides speedy and reliable installations to help make things less stressful for you.

Contact us today for a quote, and add more life to your Christmas yard displays.
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