If you operate a child care centre or work at a local primary school, you’ll understand just how much of a challenge designing, building and maintaining a safe outdoor play area can be. Not only do children have many different needs, which makes catering for all kids a nightmare, but you also have to think of their parents and the increasingly high demands they place on education providers.

These considerations are at the top of an immense list of things that education providers have to take into account with their outdoor play areas, which means choosing the right surface for the space is a must. Synthetic grass, also known as artificial grass or turf, as well as by the American brand which made it famous, AstroTurf, is the right choice for all schools, kindergartens and child care centres where youngsters take to play with reckless abandon. Here are some of the top reasons why.

#1. Reduced risk of injuries

First and foremost, choosing artificial grass for an outdoor play area reduces the chance of injuries. Artificial grass features a soft rubber underlay and thick, rubbery blades of grass that absorb much of the impact of falls, reducing the chances of bruising or worse. What’s more, it provides a stable, even surface that further reduces the chances of slips, trips and falls. And with its hard-wearing nature which makes it ideal for high traffic areas, synthetic grass will help to provide a safe play area for many years, especially if regularly maintained.

While natural grass is beautiful and will always be a pleasure to walk and run around on, for a child care or school environment where educational providers are at risk of lawsuits, synthetic grass is an outstanding investment that helps to protect children as well as the organisation.

#2. Minimise allergies

It seems as though more children are affected by allergies than ever before and that exposure to natural elements such as pollen, dust and grass seeds is now a major issue for education providers trying to establish a safe environment for the children in attendance. Synthetic turf is outstanding in this regard as it’s easy to clean and keep free of dust, it isn’t an appealing habitat for insects and it doesn’t contain pollen or grass seeds. Moreover, because it doesn’t need mowing, which is a major trigger for the release of pollen and grass seeds that can make their way into classrooms, it’s also better for allergy sufferers both indoors and out.

#3. Keep hygienic and safe

Along with reducing allergies, when you ensure the synthetic grass play area is regularly cleaned and maintained, it provides a hygienic and safe space for kids to play. This is especially important in daycare centres where young children are in close contact (often far too close contact!) with the surface of the play area. What’s more, it also helps to keep young children’s clothes clean, which can be difficult with naturally grassed play areas.

#4. It’s great for sports

Synthetic grass was originally designed for sports usage and has become immensely popular because not only does it provide a stable and safe surface that makes it ideal for sports like football and tennis, but it’s also so easy to look after and keep it looking great. Natural grass is very time-consuming to maintain, not to mention expensive, plus it needs time to dry out and recover after heavy rains to prevent it from becoming a mess. If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain sports area covering, quality synthetic grass with a rubber underlay is the right choice.

Wherever you’re located in Brisbane and surrounds, Astro Klean is here to help with artificial grass play area solutions for all education providers, from child care centres and primary schools to high schools and tertiary institutions.

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