What Makes a Good Artificial Grass Installer

What makes a good artificial grass installer 1

What Makes a Good Artificial Grass Installer

Are you in Brisbane and looking for an artificial grass supplier who installs and maintains artificial lawns? Read our article about what makes an excellent synthetic grass installer.

The installation of an artificial grass surface is a significant investment. Below are several points that should be considered before choosing the right team.

#1. How long have they been installing?

The more significant the experience, the better“, says Ian Jensen, one of many experienced installers who also owns an artificial grass company in Brisbane. “It is essential to find a professional who has already installed such surfaces in several fields and preferably under different conditions, project size and types of turf.

#2. What does it include?

Good installers will offer to do more than just the installation. Ian Jensen says that “the best ones install, clean, repair, maintain and even supply spare parts if needed”.

#3. Is warranty available?

Before signing any contract, get the warranty details included in the contract. The warranty must consist of every aspect of the work done. The installer should provide you with an in-depth warranty report when the project is finished. At Astro Klean, we offer a 1-year installation warranty and a 7+ years manufacturer warranty on artificial grass products.

#4. How will they do it?

The installation process can have a significant impact on the life of your fake turf, so choose a team that can do it properly. According to Ian Jensen, professional installation is crucial, and it will save you money and hours of maintenance in the future”. “If possible, look for a professional who installs with staples, and not with nails.”

#5. Is there any special training involved?

Every turf company offers different types of artificial grass that require different installation approaches. Some installers might be familiar with astroturf types but not with others. Ensure the installers are fully qualified to work on the turf you choose.

#6. What products will they use?

Some installers can be tempted to use lower quality products that save money but seem like a good idea at the time of installation. The choice of materials is crucial. With high-quality artificial turf, you can expect to have an artificial lawn that will last for many years to come.

#7. How will they clean it?

When the installation is complete, your lawn is ready for play! The cleaning of your new field requires special techniques, though, and the installer should be able to provide you with all necessary information, tips and expert advice. Professional grass installers like Astro Klean will supply or install and clean and rejuvenate your lawn in the future if you engage with their expertise.

#8. What else can they do for me?

The work that goes into installing an artificial grass field means that it is a difficult job to complete by one person. Professional artificial lawn installers generally consist of a team of experts who will come to your place, clean up your surface, prepare the ground, lay off the fake grass – and then clean up the workplace when the installation is complete.

Good installers will leave your property as nothing happened except that you have a newly installed beautiful and plushy lawn.

If you’re in Brisbane, Gold Coast, or surrounds and looking for a one-stop-shop for artificial grass – call the number below.

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0475 771 855

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