6 Benefits of Using Artificial Grass for Pool Surrounds

6 Benefits of Using Artificial Grass for Pool Surrounds

At least 19% of residents in Brisbane have a swimming pool on their property.

One of the many challenges of adding natural grass to pool surroundings is that operating lawn equipment around the pool is tricky. At times, pool chemicals are poured into the lawn and vice versa.

We’re not against a natural lawn; we love natural grass as much as we love artificial grass – however, practicality wise, we will go with the latter.

We aim to make homeowners understand the benefits of installing artificial grass to pool surrounds; hence we created this article.

In Brisbane, a growing number of people are now turning towards the idea of having an artificial lawn for their home. It’s no surprise because fake grass offers so many benefits and usages.

Installing artificial grass to pool surrounds is one of the most popular usages of this synthetic product. So if you’re wondering if artificial grass would be a good idea for your pool area – please read on.


All you need is a hosepipe, and you can enjoy your pool.

There is nothing worse than wanting to spend some time in your pool but struggling because it’s too hot outside, and you haven’t got access to water or don’t have any way of cooling the area down. With an artificial lawn, you can simply turn the tap on and use a hosepipe to cool down the site whenever you need to. That makes spending time using your pool so much easier as you don’t have to wait for rain or buy expensive self-cooling systems.


You can turn your pool into an outdoor room.

With unlimited designs and turf colours to choose from, you can quickly turn your pool area into an outdoor room.

Artificial grass can be added as mattings, carpets, and coverings on your pool furniture and flooring. You can quickly transform your pool into an outdoor room with its flexibility.


Artificial grass Is easy to maintain

One of the biggest challenges with the traditional pool surrounded by natural grass is that they are challenging to maintain, and replacing them can be very expensive.

With artificial grass, you can simply sweep it each week, spray it with a hosepipe now and again. This makes it so much easier to maintain, and you can spend hours in your pool without having to worry about grass maintenance.


Useful for many applications

Many people are unsure about putting a pool near the garden because natural surroundings can sometimes cause a mess in the pool. Artificial grass can be installed anywhere around your pool section, and it will stay there no matter what the season. All you need to clean it up is spray it with hose water and then brush the blades to keep them plushy.

Artificial grass is durable; it can stand harsh weather. Making it the perfect option for surrounding your pool.


It can make more sense financially to use artificial grass to surround your pool as artificial turf does not require anywhere near as much maintenance as it’s natural counterpart. You can enjoy many years of pleasure with your pool without having to worry about the ongoing costs for maintenance.

If maintained well, fake turf can even last up to 25 years.


Once installed, artificial grass is known to add value and beauty to any property. Regardless of your pool or property’s architectural design, an artificial lawn will add more value and beauty to your premises.

Overall, an artificial lawn is indeed an excellent investment.

Need to know how we can help transform your pool into a beautiful spot? We can help you create a stunning spot in your backyard.

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