In recent years, there has been a major shift in how many people feel about natural grass. The age of grass is over and the time for synthetics is now upon us. The advantages of synthetic grass have become abundantly clear as opposed to natural lawns. 

So, are you looking to upgrade your Brisbane lawn? Here are the 5 Advantages of Synthetic Grass and Why You Should Go for it! More info? Call 1300 227 876.

#1. The biggest advantage is that it looks good all year round! While slugs and bugs might disagree, the rest of us definitely would not. 

#2. The second biggest advantage is that it requires no upkeep! The typical small lawn needs mowing once a week, watering every day and there’s always the danger of slugs and bugs eating away at what you’ve worked so hard to build. 

#3. The third biggest advantage is its environmental friendliness compared with natural grass. The carbon footprint is much smaller and there’s no need for harmful weedkillers or fertilizer to be applied, which the majority of us probably wouldn’t even know what to do with anyway. 

#4. The fourth-biggest advantage is that it can be installed in small areas as well as large ones, unlike natural grass which often needs a lot of space to grow. 

#5. The final advantage is that it can be installed in hard-to-grow areas, such as next to driveways, where natural grass struggles to grow or is very shaded. 

The disadvantages of natural grass are all but forgotten when thinking about synthetic varieties!

The greening of Australia has begun and there’s no turning back! The imperfections of natural grass are now clear when its detriments are contrasted with the benefits of synthetic products. 

The advantages of synthetic lawns have won out over their natural counterparts and will continue to do so in years to come!

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